About 2nd Amendment





The 2nd Amendment USA Offshore Racing Team

The “2nd Amendment” message is not a political statement. The 2nd Amendment USA Racing Team is not a political interest group. We are a race team who has combined our love for offshore powerboat racing with our belief in the values and principles which built this county. The message carried by the 2nd Amendment USA Race Boat is to remind us that the Second Amendment is a right given to Americans by the U.S. Constitution, which is the foundation of the values and principles that built this country. If these rights are questioned, we question our history. These freedoms and rights are made even more important by the fact that so many have paid the ultimate price to uphold and protect the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment USA Race Boat is not a call to arms or a statement saying you should go buy or own a gun. The owners and sponsors just want people to be aware of their rights, as they are afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution. People should consider the consequences of questioning or taking away these rights.
American Spirit Offshore Racing has trademarked the 2nd Amendment USA Brand and using it as being the primary sponsor and the name of the boat. MOTO Marketing Group will be developing a product line to be for sale at the races, gun shows, retail outlets and the online store throughout the 2016 Season