Press Release

May 10, 2016

The 2nd Amendment USA 36’ Spectre Catamaran will be racing a limited schedule for the 2016 season. After winning the SBI National and World Championship and the OPA World Championship in the manufacture’s P3 class, the team is preparing to move up to the Super boat class. “We had hoped to have a Superboat ready to race by now, but we are taking our time and considering all of our options” says team owner Joe Vaughn. “The Superboat class is the premier class for Super Boat International. We are excited to be moving that way, but we want to take our time and enter the class ready to compete from day one”.

Joe hopes to make an official announcement soon with more details. Meanwhile, the P3-2 “2nd Amendment USA” has been busy during the off season with fund raising events for local charities and Veterans organizations. This season the team plans to stay close to home mainly racing the Florida circuit, however they are planning on participating in the GLOC and LOTO shootouts. The limited schedule will allow the team to direct efforts towards the Superboat program.

Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment USA will not be racing at the Cocoa event this weekend. “We have some drive pieces at the machine shop that will not be ready in time to make the race. We were plagued by broken coupling shafts last season. We think we have a solution, but we just can’t get it together in time” explains Joe. “Terri and I will be there to support Super Boat International and the other race teams, for what looks like will be an exciting start to the SBI 2016 season”.