Marketing and Merchandising

American Spirit Offshore Racing is more than a race team. American Spirit Offshore Racing, LLC. is a new approach to the business of offshore racing. While most teams utilize their brand to support and promote their race team, American Spirit Offshore Racing utilizes our race platform to promote our brand. From race site promotions, to social media, we have fined tuned our marketing approach for 2016. A full marketing plan is in development, which will allow us to market products worldwide. These branded items will be supported by an extensive internet and social media marketing campaign. Our innovative marketing approach has gained the attention of fans, the media and other race teams as well.

MOTO Marketing Group

Kevin Pyles, owner and President of Moto Marketing Group has been creating award winning designs and marketing for motorsports teams and legends for over 25 years. Formally XG-ad, they were Anheuser-Busch's Motorsports branding agency of choice with clients including Dale Earnhardt JR, Kenny Bernstein, Bernie Little, Seebold Racing, Dave Scott and many more. Most recently Kevin has designed and marketed the all new Gateway Motorsports Park, Big Thunder Motorsports, NGK Spark Plugs/Seebold Formula 1 Team. Moto Marketing Group was instrumental in creating the 2nd Amendment Offshore Racing brand. Kevin and his MOTO-MG Group work and travel with the team to make American Spirit Offshore Racing, 2nd Amendment Offshore Racing, one of the most recognized new brands in offshore racing today.